Crescent City Fire and Rescue Ready to Respond to 4th of July Calls

CRESCENT CITY, CA (KIEM) – The 4th of July is always a busy time for Crescent City Fire and Rescue.

Last year following the fireworks display at the beach, there were 59 beach fires that were left unattended. After participating in tomorrow’s parade in Crescent City, the volunteer firefighters are going to be walking in the Crescent City parade, and they’ll be ready to respond.

If you plan on setting off fireworks or a campfire at the beach, Crescent City Fire and Rescue has some suggestions for you.

“We try and preach to be safe. And to push, have clearance. If they’re making a camp fire, setting up a barbecue, have clearance. If they’re lighting off their fireworks, again clearance. Get away from the tall grass, get away from the buildings. Some years, we’ll see a structure fire come out of fireworks use,” said Bill Gillespie Crescent City Fire and Rescue Fire Chief.