San Diego Community Support Program delivers essential items to Firefighters statewide

Humboldt County, Ca., (KIEM) A California based company is offering support to firefighters throughout the state and here on the North Coast. a company ran by a mother-daughter duo supports firefighters who are in need.

The business’s Community Support program delivers go-bags that include all of the health, hygiene, and nutritional items when fire crews are out fighting fires for days at a time.

When a firefighter go-bag is purchased from the program, the company delivers them directly to the fire departments for the next time a large fire happens.

“We went to season firefighters and we asked them what do you need. What do you use when you’re out there and they told us,” said the company’s Co-owner, Tara Cornett. “In these bags, there are things like Gold Bond powder and baby diaper rash cream. Things that you may not think that firefighters would need out there, they truly use.”

The program ensures firefighters get the supplies they need in a complete kit.

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