Longtime tradition set for June, Cancelled

EUREKA, Ca. (KIEM)-A Humboldt County tradition that’s been around for nearly one hundred years is cancelled.

The Redwood Acres Fair and Junior Livestock Auction is rescheduled until next year.

This comes after the Department of Health and Human Services announced all public events are suspended indefinitely.

Redwood Acres is asking the public to help 4-H and FFA students to sell their animals and get to get the word out.

One option is an online sale, which is only in discussion at the moment.

Redwood Acres’ chief executive officer urges students to explore additional avenues to independently market their livestock with direct or private sales.

This is the first time since World War II that the Redwood Acres Fair has been cancelled.

“It’s a huge community event it’s a major blow morally to us all,” Ben Brown said. “The board of directors and I did not take this decision lightly but In the interest of keeping the community safe and healthy, we feel like this is the right direction to go.

“The logistics of having a private auction even an online auction are very complicated, we are working directly with state officials.”

“We are trying to come to grips with it, trying to come up with options,” he said. “As it stands right now if you can find a private buyer please just go forward with that.”

For more information call (707) 445-3037.