City officials warn pedestrians, stay vigilant

EUREKA, Ca. (KIEM)-With businesses slowly opening back up, more people are out-and-about, city officials warn pedestrians to stay vigilant.

The “shelter-in-place” order has residents experiencing a little cabin fever.

With more pedestrians out-and-about the Eureka city mayor wants to make sure everyone is safe from both covid-19 and vehicular strikes.

Mayor Susan Seaman has this advice, maintain a social distance of 6 feet when possible, if you are trying to avoid another person be mindful of your surroundings and look both ways for traffic.

She says most traffic signals in Eureka, specifically pedestrian signals will display whether or not you push the crosswalk button.

Pedestrians can avoid the heavily touched button by waiting for the light to change.

Mayor Susan Seaman encourages residents to reach out to the city officials if they have suggestions to make streets safer.

“If you see something that is unsafe, whether it is a missing curb cut, poor visibility, cracked or damaged sidewalk, or any other safety issue, please report this information to “Street Story,” Seaman said.

Street Story is an online survey platform where individuals can report safety concerns.

“City, county and Caltrans staff use “Street Story” to help identify areas of concern. Data from Street Story can help our governments obtain state and federal grant funding.

For those would like report a safety concern click here.

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