Dr. Frankovich Provides Covid-19 Response Update to Board of Supervisors

Humboldt County, Ca. (KIEM) — Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Frankovich provided an update to the Board of Supervisors Tuesday morning on how the county is managing the response to Covid-19.

To start things off, she acknowledged that our current numbers reflect the fact that people have been moving around more in the community. She also offered a reminder for residents. The shelter in place order remains in effect and the masking mandate will continue to be enforced as we enter stages 2 and 3 of re-opening.

As far as the variance request sent to and approved by the governor, the county continues to progress through stage 2 and the state is aware of our current case count and situation. According to Dr. Frankovich, the speed at which that happens is still unclear. Public Health will be taking things day by day and assessing what is happening on the ground as far case count.

Dr. Frankovich also urges businesses that have not submitted a re-opening plan to the county yet to do so. More than 230 businesses have been approved so far. That form can be found on the county website.