Local man sets up community food box, garden of fresh veggies


EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM)-Food is in high-demand, especially amid Covid-19. One local man is doing his part to give back to his local community.

Jack Goodnuff is a recovering meth addict and says he’s been clean for a while now.

Seeing people stop by his food box to pick-up essentials brings a smile to his face.

Jack Goodnuff is a gardener and created the food box for community members, he says being hungry should not be shameful.

“It’s been a blessing to watch people come and want to give as much as the people that need to take,” he said. “Just sitting here watching it, it just takes on a life of its own.

“I’ve been so richly blessed, I had a really bad life, I was a drug addict for about 15 years, and God’s blessed me in my recovery to, I get to make amends every day.”

Goodnuff’s food box is located at the corner of Amelia and Pine streets and is available for anyone who needs essentials, such as food, socks and hygienic products.

Goodnuff welcome’s donations but would rather those outside of his neighborhood create their own box, to serve their own community.

He says during this time, neighbors should be taking care of neighbors.

Goodnuff also has a garden full of vegetables and flowers, also available, at no charge.

Tanya Lee is a caretaker, the lady she cares for lives next door to Goodnuff, she says, she’s picked fresh vegetables from his garden on more than one occasion.

“People need food, and these guys here they don’t mind you coming there and having something for free, just pick-it,” she said. “He doesn’t mind. He doesn’t want to in there and rape the whole thing, you just pick what you want, and I just feel like it’s amazing to be able to have a place in a neighborhood like this to go down and pick food for free.”

Anyone who’d like to donate or pick-up food and essentials are welcome to, any day of the week.