Trump supporters gathered in Fortuna for rally

FORTUNA, Calif. (KIEM)- Trump supporters gathered in Fortuna today to voice their support for Trump and his campaign.

Cars and trucks gathered at the Safeway parking lot in Fortuna with signs, flags and banners to show their support for Trump.

The rally started in Fortuna and made its way through Eureka and Arcata and ended in Mckinleyville.

Most supporters said they are confident President Trump’s positive COVID-19 diagnosis will not affect his campaign. 

“I don’t think it will hurt him politically because we all still have his back,” said Hunter Smith, a Trump supporter. “So, in my personal opinion I don’t see it as affecting him because it’s something that he can come back from, probably better but that’s just my opinion about it.”

Supporters added, Trump’s diagnosis is a reason to come together in support of the current president.