What you should know before you start placing holiday trash in the bins

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif.(KIEM)- Christmas is over, and now you have to get rid of your Christmas tree, gift packaging, and wrapping paper what you should know before you start placing those items in the trash bins.

“If you got green waste with Recology Humboldt county as part of your services and the in the city of Eureka….you can take your Christmas tree and set it next to your green waste can, and we will come to buy and pick it up,” said Lisa Wise, General Manager at Recology Humboldt  County.

 However, snow flocked trees are not accepted for recycling. Since the wood can’t be recycled if it has been contaminated by a chemical product, like flocking spray, the Humboldt Waste Management Authority offers free drop-off and recycling for trees around the county.

“But what we are seeing this time of year is a lot of the packaging around Christmas like Christmas wrapping and ribbon and that kind of things those do not go into the recycling bin, unfortunately,” said Lisa Wise.

Linda Wise mentions wrapping gift paper and holiday cards that have foil, glitter, or that might be shiny or bright is not recyclable along with foam.

Unfortunately, the recycling symbol doesn’t always mean it is recyclable. If you are unsure what bin to use, you can always go to whatbin.com. You can search for the item you are unsure about, and it will let you know what container it should be placed in.

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