6.4 Magnitude Earthquake causes Serious Damage to Fortuna Storefronts


The 6.4 earthquake that spread out all across humboldt county this morning, left business owners to pick up the damage

Local store owner of “Humboldt French Bulldogs,” Travis Brant was instantly woken up from the earthquake. When he arrived at his store; cracks and broken pieces of glass were everywhere and he was devastated.

“It’s hard to say there’s interior damage too, broken pipes and cracks on the ceiling, stuff like that,” Brant said. “I live in southern Humboldt and so it woke me out of a dead sleep. My wife helped a little bit. I was probably sleeping harder than she was, but yeah, I could feel it for sure. It was strong.” 

Brant was grateful for the community support and how quick everyone was to respond.

“The local hardware store did come by and offer materials,” Brant said. “They just came by and said, hey, you know, we’re here to help but other than that, it’s been community effort.”

The manager of that local hardware store called  Forbusco Lumber Hardware explained his thoughts on the situation and how the store is continuing to help those around them.

“We’ve done earthquakes here before where we’ve done the same thing by putting a unit of plywood on a truck with one of my drivers,” Taylor said. “I had him stop it anywhere he saw someone who needed help and just asked them if they needed plywood, he took their information and just asked them to come back and pay us when they can.”

In a small community like Fortuna, everyone prepared to help each other out during any disaster.

“Absolutely people can give us a call now that the phones are back working,” Taylor said. “I have delivery drivers so I can bring stuff to them.”

Taylor also felt the effects of his community members because of all the damage. 

“You know, it’s kind of a bummer I know everybody’s in the same position that I’m in,” Taylor said. “Our houses are a mess and you know, everything’s in shambles, but hopefully everybody’s just safe.”

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