Turkey Day travelers take to the skies: Full flights from Arcata-Eureka

McKinleyville, Ca., (KIEM)- Four planes lef t and arrived at the California Redwood Coast- Humboldt County Airport Wednesday, ahead of Thanksgiving. That’s the same number of planes that usually depart and taxi on to the runway locally, but today there wasn’t an empty seat to be found in all four cabins.

“This is a very busy travel day for the airport. Everything’s gone really smoothly so far. Everything in San Francisco is doing well, so that’s great news for all of our travelers.” Emily Jacobs, a spokesperson for the Humboldt County Aviation Division explains.

On days when flights are full finding parking can be tricky, and lines develop faster at TSA checks. Jacobs says passengers should plan to arrive at least an hour early to the airport to avoid any hiccups in their travel plans.

Jacobs also recommends checking in for flights online, or using an airline app. This assures that passengers have assigned seats, and reduces the chances of being bumped in an overbooked flight.