No gobblers in the garbage: Preventing holiday food waste


Arcata, Ca., (KIEM)- According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, roughly one third of the food produced every year globally is lost or wasted. Ahead of one of the most popular food related holidays of the year, waste is likely.

That’s why the city of Arcata has a few options for residence to cut down on waste, and keep their meals from ending up in land fills.

“Shop only for what you know you’re going to use. You don’t want to over shop unless it’s stuff you know you’re going to store or use before it goes bad.” Julie Neander suggests. She’s the director of Environmental Services’ Community Services with the City of Arcata.

“If you’re a resident of Arcata you can come and get a compost bin and we give you instructions on how to do backyard composting you’d like to do that.” Neander says, “There’s also a green waste drop off for green waste which is a component of organics, but it’s not the food waste component.”
It’s important to note that while some food items might be organic (things like potato peels) they do not qualify as green waste, and should be put aside for composting instead.
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