Wildfire smoke drifts north, impacting air quality

EUREKA – Smoke from Southern California wildfires has made its way up the coast and the North Coast Air Quality Management District is offering a few tips to stay healthy.
The district shared a satellite image which shows smoke from Southern California drifting up to the Oregon border and beyond.
Current weather patterns will keep wildfire smoke and other particulates in the breathing zone for the next few days.
That has led to unhealthy conditions for sensitive groups like seniors and pregnant women especially in the evening and early morning hours.
Air quality officials say though it can make for beautiful sunsets, locals should take precautions when heading outdoors.
NCUAQMD Burn Program Coordinator Debra Harris said, “People should just be aware when they go outside what the conditions are like. We did have the nice sunrise this morning. That means the particulates are there. You just use your best judgment and curtail exercise if you have smoke on the ground in your area.”