Rio Dell Moves to Allow Commercial Recreational Cannabis Processing

Rio Dell, Ca., (KIEM)- It’s official, commercial cannabis cultivators and processors can now produce both recreational and medical marijuana in the city of Rio Dell. With some caveats.

The City has been very clear. They want to prioritize medical uses for marijuana in the region. However, over the last couple of months stakeholders have come forward to ask council to dissolve the previous designations that only allowed them to produce medical products. This, some tell us, caused them to miss out on up to 75% of the market, leading some to consider setting up shop outside of Rio Dell.

In order to retain the “M” First mindset, the city has decided to restrict production in the proposed business park. “Nobody can just have an adult use permit at the park.” City Manager Kyle Knopp explains. All of the producers at the park will have to have “M” or Medical use permitting. This new ordinance means they may choose to produce recreational products as well at their discretion.

The ordinance allowing both uses must be read again for finalization on February 20th; city Manager Kyle Knopp tells News Channel 3, he has no doubt the approval will stay standing.