Congressman Huffman weighs in on Spectrum cable blackout

CRESCENT CITY- A California congressman is promising to look into why Spectrum cable has taken our channels off its system in Del Norte County.


We spoke to second district democrat, Jared Huffman, who said his office has been flooded with calls from angry spectrum customers.


They’re upset not only about News Channel 3 and our sister station, KVIQ being removed from the cable lineup.


He says they’re also unhappy because the cable company isn’t giving customers answers to their questions about what’s going on and will they get refunds for the missing channels.


“I’m frustrated that a huge company would not be more responsive to the community that it’s supposed to be serving right now, said congressman Jared Huffman. They seem to be elevating profits above a basic level of service that I think all of us would expect. I’m going to be asking some hard questions.”

Congressman Huffman tells us he’s going to investigate the situation and go to those with regulatory authority over cable systems.


Spectrum is refusing to negotiate with our owner, northwest broadcasting, for getting our signals back on their system.


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