Humboldt County Supervisors To Vote On Budget Adjustments


EUREKA – Following a two week hiatus, the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors is back at it and Tuesday they will be voting on financial year-end budget adjustments.

An over $150,000 increase is being asked for the Planning and Building Department’s Cannabis Services Division to cover “the additional personnel costs incurred as a result of the number of cannabis applications.”

The Cannabis Planning Trust Fund should have sufficient funds to cover these expenses, to avoid impacting the general fund.

Also up for vote, supplemental budget for the Coroner and Public Administrator’s office.

$25,000 is being asked, to allow for increased costs of autopsies and forensic medical services and the Sheriff-Coroner is said to be able to recover this cost.

Also, an additional $40,000 is being requested for the Humboldt County Animal Shelter.

About 1,500 animals wind up at the shelter annually, and this year an unexpectedly high number of dogs and cats required spay and neuter services.

Animal control should be able to recover these costs through fee adjustments and donations.

The meeting begins at 9AM in the Board Chambers in the Humboldt County Courthouse.