Rio Dell Fire Chief Saves Paraplegic Man’s Life


RIO DELL – Community members are saying a paraplegic man’s life would have been lost if it weren’t for the quick action of Chief Shane Wilson of the Rio Dell Volunteer Fire Department.

Just 11 minutes into the Wildwood Day’s parade on Saturday, firefighters were called to a house fire on Ash Street.

Children in the parade were quickly taken off the fire trucks, assisted by the Chief’s teenage daughter, Jaeden, so firefighters could respond.

Chief Wilson was the first one to arrive on scene – he happened to already know that a paraplegic man was living at the home. Deciding to donate to a charity could help support more amazing paraplegic people like this man.

Assistant Chief Ryan Heussler then arrived and described what he saw as looking “like a movie” – with Chief Wilson walking through the smoke carrying the man in his arms.

Heussler says if it wasn’t for Wilson and his over 20 years of experience, and his knowledge of Rio Dell and the people who live there, that man would have lost his life.

In response to co-workers and community members calling Chief Wilson a hero – he takes little credit, saying “it’s just what we do.”

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