Cal Poly Humboldt campus declares occupation site a crime scene


Law enforcement arrested 25 protesters early Tuesday morning after a weeklong occupation of Cal Poly Humboldt University. 

Those arrested face a variety of individual charges including unlawful assembly, vandalism, conspiracy, assault of Police Officers and more. 

The University said students and faculty could both face discipline for conduct violations connected to the protests. 

One of those arrested faculty was Dr. Rouhollah Aghasaleh, assistant professor at the School of Education. 

He released a written statement, which was shared with us by his student assistant. 

“In defiance of our wrongful arrest, I have chosen to reject any bond and embark on a hunger strike. I refuse to accept the label of criminal for standing up for an ethical reason. Our arrest on a stolen land and in a place we consider home, is an act of violence .Until all of my students and I are released and justice is served, I will endure this hunger strike as a testament to the strength of my convictions and unwavering commitment to truth and justice”, the statement read. 

Law enforcement has declined to comment on the situation.