Over 100 officers in riot gear raid Cal Poly Humboldt pro-Palestine protest


After a full week of rallying and occupation, the pro-Palestine protest at cal poly humboldt was broken up by law enforcement around 2:30 am Tuesday, April 30th. Moments earlier, the university sent a shelter-in-place alert  to Cal Poly Humboldt residents warning that criminal activity was occurring and it was dangerous to be out on campus.

At 2:50 a.m. more than 100 law enforcement officers wearing riot gear swarmed the upper quad, breaking down all barricades in their path. This included using a power saw. Law enforcement attempted to disperse the crowd by insisting that anyone present leave or risk arrest. A group of protesters held their ground in front of the depot, forming a circle while sitting cross-legged with their arms linked together. Law enforcement then proceeded to detain protesters one-by-one and escort or carry them out of the quad to a makeshift processing center in front of Gist Hall.

Lissie Ryz, a pro-Palestine protester waiting to be officially arrested, spoke about what happened.

“We kind of got exhausted out by the constant barrage of cop cars showing up with their lights, a recorded message threatening pepper balls and pepper spray and all this stuff,” Ryz said. “People were trying to hold down a circle and then some people, it just happened so fast. we were worn down by the constant…I’m so tired.”

There, those detained were officially arrested, had their vitals taken and were loaded into vans or a bus and transported to the Humboldt County jail.