Protestors stand outside of HumCo courthouse asking for those arrested to be released


At 2:30 a.m., police arrived at the Cal Poly humboldt campus to arrest pro-Palestinian protesters.

The university says 25 people were arrested, including one journalist. Protesters stood outside the Humboldt County Courthouse asking for those arrested to be released.

Pro-Palestinian protesters stood next to the courthouse, singing and chanting. While across the street, the pro-Israel supporters waved their flags.

Cars whizzed by showing their support for either side by honking. Protesters spoke about why they showed up today for support.

“It’s literally in our constitutional right to protest and if they are locking these people up, that is unconstitutional,” College of the Redwoods student Evelyn Sandoval said.

“As an alumni of environmental studies, I’ve been taught told that social justice is at the front of our concerns in a climate crisis,” Cal Poly Humboldt alumni “Kaylee” said. “We are seeing war crime after war crime and our tax dollars are going to war crimes and that needs to stop now.”

The university released a statement stating the order was restored to the campus, but it would remain in lockdown.

In the release, Cal Poly Humboldt’s President Thomas Jackson called it a “difficult day.”

Jackson also stated, “Unfortunately, serious criminal activity that crossed the line well beyond the level of a protest had put the campus at ongoing risk.”

The university stated there are millions of dollars in damages due to vandalism and property damage.

“That’s not true. It’s very telling that President Jackson hasn’t said anything to faculty, to admin, to students, and has been too quiet. And the silence is loud,” “Kaylee” said.

“Maybe there’s damage that people have to pay for, but no one died,” Sandoval said. “How do you pay someone to come back? You can paint those walls. You get bonked in the head with a gallon of water and you’re sad?”

“We have been open about what has been done. We do admit there has been graffiti. We do admit that you know once school funds are divested from the school, we will come in and help,” Kohl said.