College Cove Trail in Trinidad closed for maintenance


College Cove in Trinidad is going to be closed for trail maintenance May 15th to May 22nd. 

The Department of Parks and recreation is doing maintenance on the trail and people we spoke to are glad for the improvements.  

“I would say that it’s a little bit, you know, it could use some more pavement. There’s, like, stuff in the way, which isn’t a big deal. it’s not too hard to climb over some branches or whatnot. But outside of that it’s a beautiful trail”, says Luke Kennedy, who came to Trinidad to hike the trail. 

During our visit we saw tree roots, bumpy dirt on the trail, and downed tree branches, which can be hazardous to hikers. 

“We are a little bit bummed that we can’t hike this trail just because that was the game plan. However, we could probably find something out here to do just because Trinidad has so many great places,” he says. 

Patricks Point is still open, and people are still out enjoying the sunshine along the beach. 

College cove will also be closed May 29th to June 5th for further maintenance. 

Story by Tucker Caraway