Del Norte supervisors expect debate over county budget

CRESCENT CITY – Del Norte supervisors are expecting contentious debate over the 2017-2018 county budget.

During their meeting Tuesday, supervisors are scheduled to adopt the new budget, but two supervisors have expressed their opposition to the current draft.

Supervisor Roger Gitlin and Supervisor Bob Berkowitz both tell News Channel 3 they feel the draft does not provide enough money for tourism through the Klamath Chamber of Commerce, code enforcement for cleaning up the community, or enough funds for fixing non-county maintained roads.

Supervisor Chris Howard also spoke with us today, and was surprised that these issues were still being discussed, arguing that they have already been addressed.

The budget will need four out of five votes to take effect and needs to be approved by October 2nd.

Discussion starts Tuesday morning at 10:15 at the Flynn Administrative Center in Crescent City.