Jerry Howard’s love for wild birds lives on


FORTUNA – Those who got to meet him will always remember his love for birds, Jerry Howard, of Eureka passed away last week and left behind 32 beautiful wild birds.

Jerry’s birds are being cared for by his longtime friend and founder of Miranda’s Rescue, Shannon Miranda. Shannon met Jerry 12 years ago when their mutual passion for wild birds brought them together.

When Jerry passed away Shannon took in his 32 birds to his animal rescue shelter.  He has been working hard to make sure these birds are placed in homes that will love them just as much as Jerry did.

Shannon still cares for 15 to 20 of Jerry’s birds, on top of the ones here that he has rescued. There wild birds like these can live for 70-80 years.

Like everyone that knew Jerry Howard, Shannon says he will always remember Jerry’s love for his birds.

With the additional birds there is more feed that needs to be purchased. If you would like to make a donation to Miranda’s Rescue you can check out their website at