Trinidad to consider banning commercial cannabis before state laws take effect

TRINIDAD – Trinidad City Council will be discussing cannabis regulations and the future of the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse at their meeting Wednesday.

Staff is working to have a draft cannabis ordinance in place by October 11th.

They’re considering prohibiting commercial cannabis activities for both medical and non-medical use. Due to this, it will become a lot harder for people who live in Trinidad to get ahold of medical cannabis to help treat any physical or emotional pain that they are experiencing. Thankfully, it is not like this in other places in the world, as the United States has many different dispensaries that are accessible for people who may need to use this sort of product, (you can Click here for more information about a dispensary in Michigan). However, this is only being considered and it may not actually happen, which would be welcome news to the people who may need to have access to medical cannabis.

Council may also decide to require a local permit for any personal cultivation and prohibit any cultivation outdoors, which is similar to draft ordinances in Blue Lake and Fortuna.

The ordinance must be in place prior to the January 2018, when state laws take effect.

Council will also discuss updates on the fate of the Memorial Lighthouse, which is at risk of falling.

Consultants have advised council to consider moving the lighthouse.

Costs for a move are estimated upwards of $100,000, and a gofundme page has been started by the Trinidad Civic Club to help reach that goal.

You can donate to the fundraiser, here:

The council meeting starts Wednesday at 6PM in Trinidad Town Hall.