Steering towards Smiles: Students enjoy Transportation day at Glen Paul School

Eureka, Ca., (KIEM)- Four years ago Rachel Lyons, a special education teacher at Glen Paul school, wanted to bring a fire engine to campus for her students to explore. Before long, Ms. Lyon’s unit on forms of transportation turned into a school wide event. More than just the fire department was willing to participate. The vehicles and drivers that keep the community running were lining up in the parking lot, to show the Glen Paul kids the tools of their trade.

“They see the vehicles on a regular basis, but to interact with the operators is really good for them.” Ms. Lyon’s explained. Her class has been learning about planes, trains and automobiles. Thursday, they got to climb into the drivers seat of a real US Coast Guard Boat, ambulance, and guardrail installation truck.

“It’s kind of heartening to come out and see these kids and how happy they are.” Boatswain’s Mate, Joshua Hackney explained. “It’s awesome, it’s great to see so many service members and just the community coming out and taking part in this, making these kids happy.”

Two of the students, Maria and Tristan were eager to share their thoughts. “I like to see the ambulance car make us safe!” Maria said. Tristan’s favorite attraction was far and away the fire engine.

“We’ve brought some nozzles….hydraulic equipment, jaws of life…we’re letting them try on our structural turn outs..kinda letting them see things.” Captain Nathan Baxley, with Humboldt Bay Fire said. “We got a lot of hugs… high fives and big smiles.”

“If there was an emergency then they’ve already had a comfortable experience with the vehicle operators in this environment, so hopefully it wouldn’t be as scary for them.” Lyons explained the value of the event.

Laughter mixing with sirens, honking horns and swelling hearts, in the end were all hallmarks of another successful year at Glen Paul Transportation day.