Contour Airlines selected to replace PenAir in Crescent City

CRESCENT CITY – With airline PenAir abandoning the North Coast due to bankruptcy, the Del Norte County Airport in Crescent City has come to a decision on which airline they’d like to see replace them.

Three airlines were competing to take over for PenAir – including Boutique Air, Great Lake Airlines and Contour Airlines.

Following presentations, Contour Airlines was selected in part due to competitive pricing and capacity for more passengers.

Contour Airlines is expected to offer $75 flights to Oakland that can fit 30 passengers twelve times a week, with two flights on weekdays and one a day on weekends.

The airline take over the Essential Air Service Contract that PenAir is giving up, but a grant application first has to be approved by the Department of Transportation.

This process could take up to four months, and PenAir is required to continue service at the airport until Contour Airlines can take over.