Betty Chinn hopes to expand transitional housing program with ‘Betty’s Community Housing’

EUREKA – Additional housing for the homeless may be coming to Eureka.
Previously dubbed the Betty’s PG&E Village, the Betty Kwan Chinn Foundation hopes to develop Betty’s Community Housing using eight trailers donated by the public utility.
The proposal seeks to use a city-owned parcel off Hilfiker Lane right next to Humboldt Bay Fire’s Training Center.
Each of the twenty-five to forty tenants would pay rent. And while many homeless housing programs offer only short-term stays, residents at this site could stay until they’re able to transition in to permanent housing.
Chinn said this will give them the chance to establish rental history while they develop skills like budgeting and maintaining their homes.
Philanthropist Betty Chinn said, “I want them to learn themselves, how to budget their money. We are only here for so long and help them so much. So that’s a huge step for them to change themselves. I cannot change their lifestyle. They have to do it themselves.”