Senator Mike McGuire visits Eureka regarding fisheries disaster, Whale Protection Bill

EUREKA – Senator Mike McGuire made his way to Eureka Friday to hold a meeting in the Humboldt County Courthouse Board Chambers on fishery disasters and his Whale Protection Bill.

In recent years, Californian and local fisherman have struggled due to closures of crab, salmon, sardine, and sea urchin seasons due to unprecedented diminishing populations.

The legislators discussed the future of North Coast fisheries and what it will take to keep them afloat.

In relation to this, McGuire spoke to the implementation status of his Whale Protection Bill, which passed last year, after a record breaking number of whales were entangled in crabber’s equipment.

The senator hopes the bill will be fully implemented by mid-2018.

It will require crabbers to be responsible for collecting their gear, or else they could face losing their commercial fishing license.