Festive Ferndale: Christmas trees bring community together


FERNDALE – Across Humboldt County, holiday decorations are going up and in Ferndale the decorations are part of a tradition that brings the whole community together every year.

It’s hard to find a more festive place then Main Street in Ferndale. Here Christmas tree’s line the sidewalk, decorated by the local elementary students.

Ferndale resident, Shawn Griggs is one of the many business owners who purchase a tree for the kids to decorate. Griggs himself grew up here and participated in decorating these trees when he was younger.

This tradition has been going on for forty years and has become a part of what makes Ferndale so unique.

From the businesses to the school it takes many helping hands to bring in all the holiday cheer.

Griggs says some of his fondest childhood memories are from holidays in Ferndale.