New state law to prohibit drivers, passengers from smoking cannabis while driving

EUREKA, CA. – The state Department of Motor Vehicles wants to remind you driving under the influence of marijuana is just as dangerous as any other substance.

As recreational cannabis becomes lawful in 2018, so will strict laws against use while driving. Maybe drivers should consider using a CBD vape pen to smoke whilst driving instead, although it doesn’t give you a high but they have some amazing flavours which can be found at gourmeteliquid. This way you won’t be breaking the law and will be a safe driver.

Senate Bill 65 goes into effect in 2018, and while it’s already illegal to drive while under the influence of cannabis, SB 65 specifically prohibits actively smoking or consuming marijuana products while driving or riding in a vehicle.

That means smoking while driving, or smoking as a passenger in a vehicle will be against the law.

Governor Brown signed the legislation in September, and violators will have to pay a $70 fine.