California to officially become ‘Sanctuary State’ in the new year

CALIFORNIA – A controversial law as we move into 2018 is scheduled to take effect – Senate Bill 54, which will make California a ‘Sanctuary State.’

The bill was approved in October, and come the new year, will limit state and local law enforcements’ collaboration with immigration enforcement, by prohibiting agencies, including school police and security departments, from “using money or personnel to investigate, interrogate, detain, or arrest people for immigration enforcement purposes.”

Local law enforcement will be restricted on what information they can share share with federal immigration officers – however, this is subject to a long list of exceptions.

The bill will allow for cooperation in cases involving over 60 different kinds of serious felonies, including murder, rape, kidnapping and robbery, as well as for over 800 lesser crimes, and some misdemeanors.

Governor Jerry Brown shared in a statement that he hopes the bill will “protect hardworking families without legal residency, while allowing police and sheriff’s agencies to continue targeting dangerous criminals.”

California’s ‘Sanctuary State’ status will officially be law come Monday.