Mad River hikers rescued by sheriff’s deputies

ARCATA, CA. – Two hikers were lost and stuck in a scary situation, but deputies came to their rescue.

The hikers were traveling along the Mad River last night when it became too dark and foggy for them to see the trail, and they became stuck in thick mud along the riverbank.

Thankfully, they had a working cell phone, and dispatchers were able to locate them and sent deputies -who found them about 150 yards north of the Mad River boat ramp.

The Sheriff’s Office wants to remind hikers of these tips to stay safe:

  1. Inform someone of where you are going and when you plan to return.
  2. Whenever possible, plan to hike during the day. Set a turnaround time to ensure you finish hiking before the sun goes down.
  3. Always carry a flashlight, even on short hikes.
  4. Bring extra water and high energy foods.
  5. Bring a small first aid kit.
  6. Stay on an established trail.
  7. Dress properly for a hike and prepare for changes in the weather, bring rain gear or a jacket.
  8. If unfamiliar with the area, bring a map.
  9. Consider bringing a whistle to help emergency responders find your location in a search and rescue situation.
  10. If hiking with a partner or a group, never leave someone behind.
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