One Year Later: Community Celebrates the Life of David Josiah Lawson


Arcata, Ca., (KIEM)- It’s a murder still unsolved. A young man’s life cut short. Leaving behind a bewildered and often angry community. A candle light vigil is held in honor of David Josiah Lawson. It’s been one year since the Humboldt State University student was murdered. The 19 year old was leaving a party on spear avenue with a group of friends one year ago today when he was killed. Police have no leads… And have bumped up cash rewards for information leading to an arrest.

An FBI agent who had been consulting on the case, Tom Parker, recently halted his pro-bono work. The police chief in Arcata also submitted his resignation, and the community grows ever more critical of the role of the city, university and investigators in catching Lawson’s killer. In talking to Joasiah’s uncle, who describes “DJ” as “more of a brother,” it is clear the family appreciates the efforts of HSU students and the community to find answers. In her speech at the celebration of life Charmaine Lawson, Josiah’s mother, also thanked Arcata’s city manager and Mayor Sofia Pereira for their support.

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