Fortuna woman heads to Hollywood for the ultimate invite


Fortuna, Ca, (KIEM) From the small City of Fortuna to the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. Saryn Kennedy said this is a dream come true.

“In June I had sent in a headshot to Preview Models and I got a call in July saying I’m sorry you missed the deadline but luckily for you we have judges that are going to open up a spot and get you in here.”

Chosen over thousands of women the Mother of 3 shared that ultimately this is all for them.

“I need to get my kids a home” Kennedy said. “There are rodents in the attic, needles being found in my backyard, the homeless coming in the yard constantly when the kids are playing… I don’t want to live somewhere where I’m worried that someone’s going to come in off of the highway and take my daughter away from me.”

Many see a beautiful face but the single mother masks an ugly truth.

“I had blooms all over my uterus… They didn’t officially call it cancer until after I lost my reproductive organs. I cannot work because I have no immune system and my divorce I took it very hard.”

After a whirlwind of a childhood and several road blocks as an adult, the Fortuna local said this time nothing will stop her.

To follow Saryn’s journey you can find her on Facebook: Saryn Kennedy’s Modeling Page or on Instagram at sarynkennedy.