More than 7,000 illegal cannabis plants eradicated by Humboldt DEU

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, CA., (KIEM)- In the last two days, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) eradicated more than 5,000 marijuana plants from four private properties in Rancho Sequoia.

This week, the drug enforcement unit has served two warrants, the first in Rancho Sequoia. The second in Blake Mountain. The illegal grow in Blake Mountain was (according to deputies) endangering the Mad River Watershed, cultivating 7,000 unlicensed and undocumented plants.
With the help of Fish and Wildlife, County Code Enforcement and Environmental Health Hazmat, the sites were uncovered. Officers found water diversions, sediment pollution, and trash dumped in waterways. More environmental violations were later discovered, with unauthorized hazardous waste storage and a lack of spill prevention making up only a few.