City of Arcata discuss Annual City Budget

Arcata, Ca., (KIEM) Tuesday the city of Arcata is in the midst of discussing its annual city budget.

Once a year the city manager along with Arcata’s financial department figures out a proposed budget for the city, for the following year.

This budget proposal session is essential and gives residents an opportunity to see what the budget looks like in detail, also for the city to make adjustments, and to clarify any unclear information, said councilman Paul Pitino.

The councilman also said due to constant economic changes within the city, the budget’s figures are always in rotation.

“What did we spend last year? What do we have coming in this year?because of the legalization, things are a little strange,” said Pitino. “With the legalization, we’re seeing changes. New businesses and with new businesses sometimes is hard to start up and sometimes their immediate success.”

After all sessions are completed the city can come up with a final budget.