Local Artists Display Point of View of Arcata Marsh at Interpretive Center

ARCATA, CA (KIEM) – Local Artists paint their point of view on the Arcata Marsh and display it at the Interpretive Center.

The Representational Art League is showing off the unique biodiversity of the Marsh landscape in an art show. All of the artists worked together to paint different parts of the Marsh. The club dedicates time to portraying the beauty found in everyday life. They want other people to appreciate the value nature has to offer.

“It’s really a grounding experience. I use it as an antidote to the busyness of life, and to the electronics. It’s a chance for me to go out, and really see nature as it was intended,” said Andrew Daniel, an artist who’s painting is hanging up at the Interpretive Center.

“It’s wonderful to see the variety of vision from different people. The styles, which they represent the same scene, but in so many different ways. The diversity of creativity is as diverse as natural beauty on the planet,” said Peter Jain, a spectator.

The art show runs through the end of August. For more information call (707) 826 – 2359.