Fortuna to Replace Lights on 12th Street with Solar Light Poles

FORTUNA, Ca (KIEM)– The Fortuna City Council approves solar light poles that will be installed for the undergrounding project underway in the city.

Fortuna is making some changes on 12th street to improve the aesthetic for residents. The city is going to replace the existing street lights with solar lights.

Crews are starting moving utility, phone and cable lines underground. The project is made possible from funding from PG&E’s rule 20A program. The switch to the solar light poles is expected to save the city around $500,000.

 “We were looking at being a part of the project, and doing new poles with the new undergrounding, and it would have been in the upwards of $800,000 just to be a part of that project without purchasing of the poles. This is a way that we can do it for about $275,000, and have the poles installed. We can just be replacing the batteries and not having to pay for the power to light those street lights,” said Kevin Carter, Deputy Public Works Director.

The city said the solar light poles will start to go up by the end of the year.