Humboldt State University Introduces Text Messaging AI HumBot to Help Freshmen and Transfer Students Navigate Campus

ARCATA (KIEM) – A lot of big questions for first time freshmen and transfer students at Humboldt State University include “How can I call the Health Center” or “What’s on the menu for dinner?”

But a new chatbot can now help HSU information have that information right on their fingertips.

HumBot made its debut this year. With it, students can have answers to their questions at any time, which can help improve campus life and keep students connected. The bot also sends critical reminders such as the last day to add and drop classes, when their financial aid is available, and where they can find free food.

Over the last two weeks, HSU says they’ve seen more and more students using HumBot.

The service is free and open 24/7, but is only available to transfer students and freshmen. The university says, they hope to expand HumBot to the rest of the campus next year.