Cal Fire Resources Stretched Thin, Crews Sent to Sonoma County

Fortuna, Ca. (KIEM) — Back here at home, resources for Cal Fire’s Humboldt and Del Norte unit are stretched thin as they send crews to help battle wildfires across the state.

Right now, a strike team of five engines, 8 hand crews, and 1 aircraft have all been sent down to Sonoma County to assist with the Kincade fire. They are also sending a handful of staff members to fill overhead roles.

According to Cal Fire, it’s not rare for wildfires to occur this late in the season. In recent history, it has become more common to see high fire conditions this time of year. Humboldt County is facing moderate fire danger, but Cal Fire urges residents to remember that fire risks do still exist here.

Locally, the burn suspension has been lifted and residents are allowed to burn as long as they have the proper permits.