Eureka Chamber of Commerce launches leadership class

EUREKA, Ca (KIEM)-The Eureka Chamber of Commerce launched its first leadership class.

The six-month program has 13 classes each focusing on a different area. Participants are given access to some of the most successful businesses and organizations including tourism, education, housing, government, banking, and healthcare.

Eureka Chamber CEO, Donna Wright is excited about the program and its lasting impact on the Greater Eureka area. “The Chamber is committed to presenting this opportunity to inspire, connect and activate emerging and established leaders,” Wright said.

Program coordinator Rob Holmlund, of Malex Consulting, will lead the participants through the various sessions, which include tourism, education, housing, government, banking, healthcare and more. Graduation is set for July 2020 and will focus on reflection and planning for the 2021 Program.

For more information on the leadership program visit the Eureka Chamber of Commerce website.