Residents Voice Frustrations At Safety Meeting Regarding Oak and F Street


Eureka, Ca. (KIEM)- Residents are demanding a solution to a busy and unsafe Eureka intersection.

A traffic collision on Oak and F Street is nothing new and residents have had enough of it.

This problem has been going on for years and in the past three months, three separate accidents have taken place at the intersection. People have been hurt, homes along F Street have been damaged, and neighbors are worried walking down the street.

One of the biggest concerns is for the children who attend Grant Elementary School.

Tuesday night, residents had a chance to voice their frustrations in hopes of figuring out a solution at a safety and traffic meeting put on by Rex Bohn and Public Works.

In the past month, the city has surveyed the road to determine what solution would make the best fit.

According to Public Works, the average speed along F Street is 36 miles per hour. The speed along the street is 30 miles per hour.

Locals want to see something done now before something worse happens.

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