37% of Registered Voters Hit the Polls on Election Day

Humboldt County, Ca. (KIEM) – Following Election Day, results from races in Humboldt County continue to come in, and so are numbers on how many people turned up to the polls.

According to the Elections Office, a little over 79,000 residents in Humboldt County are registered to vote. The unofficial election results report that about 29,500 ballots have been counted. That’s a voter turnout rate of roughly 37%.

Here’s how things looked when it came to specific races. For the District 1 Board of Supervisor’s seat, there was a voter turnout rate of 39% and for the District 2 seat, 37% of registered voters cast their ballots.

We spoke with voters out at the polls and many say it’s not about who you’re voting for, but about getting out and having your vote count.