Arcata hardware store takes extra precautions to keep customers, employees healthy


ARCATA, Ca (KIEM)-Some of the local stores that are still open throughout this Covid-19 pandemic have decided to take extra precautions to ensure their employees and customers stay healthy and clean.

Ace Hensal’s Hardware store is one of the few essential businesses that have been permitted to stay open during this Covid-19 pandemic. And because of that, business owner Ceva Courtemanche took it upon herself to instill hand washing stations at every entrance of her store.

“I just like to have it out there, just, said Courtemanche.  The customers have been so thankful and, you know, it just adds extra security for everybody.” 

Employees pay close attention to the front door to make sure every customer takes part in their wash before entering policy. The store is simply trying to keep the cleanliness and sanitization of employees and customers, a priority.

“We stop every customer as they are coming in the door and we ask them to use the handwashing stations, and we watch, said John Williamson. The encouraged use is 20 seconds. The reason being it takes soap 20 seconds to actually break down the membrane on the virus so that it breaks apart.”

And while customers are required to wash their hands before entering the store every time, Ace Hardware plans to extend using these wash stations past the COVID-19 pandemic.