New Police Chief settles into new role


FORTUNA, Calif. (KIEM)-He earned a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership from Simpson University and holds a master’s degree in Criminal Justice, and his latest accomplishment is Fortuna’s police chief.

Meet Fortuna’s new police Chief Casey Day, who grew up in Shasta Lake City and served on the Anderson police force for 19-years prior to starting his new role in Humboldt County. 

“It’s always challenging for somebody from the outside to come in because you really have to work hard at establishing new relationships with people not only in the community but in the organization as well,” said Police Chief Casey Day.

Also a former Marine Corps sergeant, Day attended the Butte Law Enforcement Academy in 2000, and served on the Arcata police force a year later.

“It was something I started working on it early in my career, it’s a dream realized but a dream that comes with a lot of responsibility,” he said.   

The first order of business, according to Day, observing and learning the way the Fortuna Police department operates, including meeting with all department personnel.

“Just getting to know its programs, looking at anything that I can do for early wins, as far identifying any problems that may or may not exist,” he said.

Former Interim Police Chief Mike Downey says, the city will be happy and is fortunate to have day as their new chief.

“I’m very happy about that, I was pretty possessive about the officers here and I wanted to make sure that they had a good chief to come in and take my place and I think they do,” he said.

Downey may no longer be interim chief but will still be on the city’s pay roll.

“I’ve been retained by the city as a consultant position, to kind of help with the transition,” Downey said.  

Day wants to have open communication with the community.

“You know I’m a little old school fashion in that regard, as far as community members that want to reach out to me, call me.”

Day says reform within the police departments is a good thing and is needed.

Those who’d like to speak with the new chief can call (707) 725-7550.