Camp teaches black & brown teens their roots, Mentoring skills


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)-Two community youth coordinators with HC Black Music and Arts have dedicated their time and efforts to create the Harambee African Youth Empowerment Camp. 

According to one the creators of the camp Valetta Molofsky, it’s geared toward black and brown teens.  

“The Harambee African Youth Camp, that is establishing cultural healing in an area where there is culture starvation here in Humboldt County,” said Molofsky, “So we see the need for the safe space for black and brown bodies that self-identify as African American.” 

The empowerment camp is free of charge, campers will learn about their African ancestors, hear from speakers that share their history and learn about African music and instruments.  

Camp starts from August 6th through the 8th, the rights of passage will happen on August 14 and followed with a day at the beach on the 15th.   

All participating teens will receive a free mentor t-shirt and the opportunity to become a mentor themselves.  

A healthy lunch and snacks will be provided for free.  

Those interested should register soon, due to county health mandates there will be limited space.

Molofsky says, youth need to know their history.  

“Our society is based on a broken history and it concerns me that our children don’t know their actual past, they don’t know their ancestry and they don’t know who they identify with,” she said. “This camp will give them an opportunity to bond other students that look like them, Youths that represent colorism and have those conversations that are true in our hearts that we never get to discuss.” 

More information can be requested via email by clicking here or click here.