Thousands of masks and gallons of sanitizer handed out, For businesses w/ 50 employees or less


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) Humboldt County received 400,000 face masks and nearly 3,000 gallons of hand sanitizer to distribute to local businesses at no charge, and today, with the help of volunteers and members from the Arcata Economic Development Corporation, they delivered.  

Susan Seaman is the director of the Arcata Economic Development Corporation, she also happens to be the mayor and helped out at one of many personal protective equipment distribution events, which was in Eureka.  

“It really does take a community to make something like this happen and we’re so great full for all the help and for the donation from the governor,” said Seaman. “Masks and sanitizers are, those are regular things that they have to purchase they get to be expensive, and so to be able to alleviate that for a month, just a month is really helpful.”  

Mary Ann Lysons agrees, masks and gloves can get expensive, if you can find them.  

“It’s been really hard to find protective stuff, to get hand sanitizer, and it’s expensive,” she said. “So, this is a blessing, for sure.” 

The PPE give-away is for businesses that have 50 employees or less.   

Businesses will receive a month’s worth of materials for each employee until supplies have exhausted.  

Some locations have already received their allotment of supplies.  

Newly elected president of the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce Thomas Nicholson Stratton says, members can come get their share until supplies last.  

“We still have some still available for all those businesses who are looking restock or for those that haven’t gotten them or haven’t received them as chamber member,” said Nicholson Stratton. 

And for each vehicle that stopped to pick-up much needed supplies, words of gratitude.   

Luzmila Garcia owns Luzmila’s Mexican Restaurant, she says, the new health mandates are getting pricey.  

“It’s hard for me to provide for everybody, so this is great,” said Garcia.  

David Boston is with a non-profit organization and grateful for a bit of relief when it comes to PPE expenses.  

“This is excellent, this is what should have happened long ago,” said Boston.   

Donna Wright is Executive Director of the Eureka Chamber of Commerce, she says it’s about the community supporting the community.   

“Businesses throughout Humboldt County have had a really rough time the last five or six months,” said Wright. “This is a little glimmer of hope that there’s other people out there supporting them and helping them get back to business.”    

All PPE will be distributed until supplies are depleted.  

For more information call (707) 798-6132 ext. 12