Slow the F Street Down Campaign

EUREKA, Calif. (KIEM) – A neighborhood group called “Slow the F Street Down,” kicked off its education and awareness campaign tonight.

The group formed after what they claimed were inconsistent responses from the City of Eureka and County of Humboldt about the increased traffic and speeding on F Street. But it all kicked into high gear when they received notice that the curbs between Willow and Oak were all going to be painted red. Elderly residents who live on that stretch of F Street were not going to have easy access to their homes. Members of the group feel that there are other solutions to the problem and have been in regular contact with the Board of Supervisors, Natalie Arroyo-Eureka City Council member, Brian Gerving- Eureka City Public Works Director and Brian Stephens – Service Area 1 Eureka Police Captain.  

Zena Bardelas a resident of F Street since 2008 says, “So tonight we’re gonna be on F and Willow right on the corners of F and Willow passing out our signs and a bumper stickers and waving to our neighbors and the people who come through here. The thousands of cars that travel this area every week, we’re hoping to do a little bit of outreach tonight to all of them.” The ladies we spoke with today said they have heard that a stop light permit has been applied for. We reached out to District 1 Supervisor Rex Bohn to confirm and have yet to hear back.