Interactive CORONAVIRUS map released ahead of Halloween


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM)-When you’re living in a pandemic, things change, and that includes traditions like Halloween.

Five-year-old London couldn’t hide her excitement when asked about the upcoming holiday.

“I am really excited to go trick or treating with my family,” she said.

However, despite her age she knows Halloween won’t be the same.

“I think people are going to sprinkle candy all over the world, instead of trick-or-treating,” said London.  

Marina Yurchinkova says, she is still undecided – she may opt to celebrate her daughter’s first Halloween experience next year.

“She is just turning four,” she said. “So, she hasn’t actually done that yet.”

Humboldt health is talking to local businesses, community members and city officials for alternative ways to celebrate Halloween safely.

Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Teresa Frankovich says, there are options.

“A few things that come to mind are obviously things that you can do with your household unit and within, you know scavenger hunts or trick or treating things within your house, for treats.”

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention released an interactive coronavirus risk map intended to keep trick-or-treaters safe this year.

The map will suggest ways to celebrate while adhering to Halloween safety guidelines recommended by the CDC.

Just click on your state and then your county – recommended activities based on risk zones will be suggested.

There are 4 zones, green, yellow, orange and red.

Green means trick-or-treating can proceed normally, but practice social distancing.

Yellow means trick or treating is possible, but CDC says, to make sure safety protocols are followed, including wearing masks.

Orange means trick-or-treating in reverse – kids can dress-up and hang out in their yard. Parties should be outdoors.

And the red zone is high risk – trick-or-treating is not recommended.

The CDC says, there are too many risks involved with going the traditional route. Instead, they recommend parties via video conferencing or setting up candy stations for kids to find throughout the night.

Frankovich says, it’s up to community members to get creative, while keeping safety in mind.

“How can we minimize mixing still sort of embrace the idea of some of the fun of the holiday,” she said.

According the map, both Del Norte and Humboldt fall in the yellow zone.

The Interactive CDC Coronavirus Risk Map can be viewed by clicking here.