Public Health Director’s message to the Humboldt Community ahead of the Christmas holiday

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. (KIEM) — Humboldt County Public Health Director Michele Stephens took a moment to talk about the significant number of Covid-19 cases that have been reported lately.

Stephens is asking community members to do their part and stay safe this holiday season. This includes not gathering with people who live outside of your household.

She adds that the current outbreak at Granada Rehabilitation and Wellness Center is not the primary driver of the recent number of coronavirus cases.

“The primary driver is not the cases coming out of Granada and I just want to highlight that despite you seeing some things in the media about what’s happening at Granada. We think that the Thanksgiving holiday is really what we’re starting to see in the rise in positive cases, and with the Christmas holiday this week we really want to implore everyone to not gather with loved ones outside of your household,” according to Stephens.

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