New security camera registration website now ”up and running, program already deemed success


CRESCENT CITY, Calif. (KIEM)-Crescent City residents can now register their security cameras through the police department’s new website.

The voluntary registration program allows residents and business owners to register their cameras with the Crescent City Police Department.

Registering the camera will let law officials know where the cameras are located around the city.

Law officials will only make contact if a crime happens near security cameras registered with the department and will request to view and copy video images to help in an investigation. 

Registration does not give law enforcement remote access to the camera, Griffin says, the department doesn’t have the capability to tap into the system.

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Chief Richard Griffin says the goal is to promote public safety with the help of the community members.

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“We’ve had good success so far, I think about 20-to-25 registrations so far, so it’s a really good program and it will help solve some crimes hopefully,” he said.  “This day in age, digital age, everybody should have security cameras.

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“We’ve solved a few crimes based on video surveillance alone,” he said. “It’s almost becoming a standard.”

Again the program is voluntary, to register your cameras click here.